Jschool 2010

Rolling on floors, it’s a pastime

I appreciate that the blog says “Howdy, Hannah” everytime I log in. It’s a nice to be appreciated by the internet. So it’s one week later, and I’m no closer to employment. Bugger. All the stress and worrying I channelled into Jschool I’m now channelling into checking my emails. Furiously so. No luck, obviously, but(…)


“When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” – Benjamin Franklin. Old Benjamin had it spot on – and it’s proven throughout the history of journalism. Imagine if the journalists of old had not gone from the trusty town crier and ventured into the modern, and unknown, world of print. Many, many years later we introduced radio(…)

A new experience!

Today I finished a two week internship with Sky News in Brisbane. Laura Jayes, the Queensland bureau’s reporter, happily showed me the ropes. With no camera or sound operator, no editor, and technical support available only in Sydney, Laura runs the show on her own. A one-woman band – but a role she performs well.(…)

NutritionGate (hello, journalism cliche)

A week later, I got an email from the editor today, fowarding a great message from a wedding story I wrote, telling them how much they loved the article. “You’re a star, Hannah” – grins all round. I also, apparently, navigated a minefield with a sensitive story on nutrition (who knew, right). A business woman(…)

For what it’s worth

For what it’s worth

I came back from Melbourne and I’m back at Stateline. My story, about how the Ipswich Art Gallery is celebrating the Queenslander, should be going to air tomorrow night (ABC1 7:30 onwards). In the meantime, here’s my opinion piece I did for Emmecks last week.

A tragedy of political proportions at the Mourning Bully

It is so strange to be in a place where so many people know me. I’ve been in the Brissie burbs for a long time. I’m no longer a youngin in Rocky! I’m enjoying being home with my family, especially the cut lunches I get sent to work with everyday! And the sun streaming into(…)

My time at Radio National

So, I’ve spent the last two weeks interning at the Australia Talks program at Radio National. My cunning plan to not post anything until the last day has got some of you wondering what I’ve been up to, I can see. So…on with the show! I was a bit worried after my first day, as(…)

Uhmm sorry could you please repeat that?

So Hannah and I finally got to interview the Editor of the Sunshine Coast Daily today. I sat at my desk eating Fruit Tingles which fizz in your mouth and made all my butterflies go away and yes I was doing work! 😛 I don’t know why I was nervous, I already knew that he(…)

Screaming cars and paper walls

” Hey lady, I can teach you to walk like a stripper!!” yelled a woman out of a bakkie window – she made my day 🙂 – think I should take her up on that one.. I was on my way to the bowls club which is about a km from the motel I am(…)


This morning I was still completing my previous blog posting as I got off the tram and walked towards the large building that houses what I’ve called “the office” for the past couple of days. My day officially starts at 8:30 and I’ve got the impression, they want me to be punctual but not so(…)

My two scents

This dispatch comes from the #67 tram. Yesterday saw a much busier DDS. I got to my desk at around 8:30am freshly dressed and smelling of aluminium-free tea tree deodorant. Before I even had a chance to sit down my supervisor gave me my first task. “David, would you be able to write an op-ed?”(…)

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