Jschool 2008


I’ve noticed- possibly thanks to John- that I haven’t largely contributed to the jschool blog. This should not suggest that I dislike blogging. As a journalist I do believe it is essential to enjoy writing and therefore enjoy blogging and I do enjoy blogging indeed.  See. 

Intern Report

Intern Report The Herald Sun- the highest selling paper in Australia is located in a large skyscraper on the South Bank of Melbourne. I know because it loomed over me as I approached the huge rotating doors and wrapped my thick coat and scarf around me. As I sat in the large intimidating reception on(…)

News Mail & Queensland Times.

I was unsure about taking on an extra internship at Bundaberg News Mail, but after my first day I was so happy that I did. I was worried that I wouldn’t have much to write about  in a rural area, but apparently I came at a good time – it was busy. The weekend before(…)

Levi’s talk

Levi’s discussion with us about working in a military controlled dictatorship was intense and I have to ask myself would any of us be willing to ‘pay the ultimate sacrifice’ for our work, let alone withstand torture, public humiliation and other heinous spirit-breaking attempts. He spoke of these unaccountable governments gaining power via coup d’etat(…)

A Friday night in Nebo!

If you enter the local watering hole on a Friday night, it brings a whole new experience to going out and getting drunk! The smell of diesel and dust fills the small over crowded pub as miners and cowboys come together to mingle at the local for what will be described the next day while(…)

Living it large in small city blues

I was at the Ekka day races when I got the phone call. “Hi Luke, it’s Tony Edmunds from the Maitland Mercury, just returning your call.” “Hi Tony, I was just ringing to confirm my internship at the Maitland Mercury for next week.” A brief shuffling of papers ensued in the terrible silence, pregnant with(…)

The SCD has no reason to be jealous of the Courier-Mail

When I first read the Courier-Mail, I was a bit surprised by the low quality and the number of advertisements for a paper representing a city of two million people. It’s not that the paper’s bad, it just that it could be so much better and spare us from all the gossip that could be(…)

Assistant photographer for a day

Last Monday, I started my internship at the Sunshine Coast Daily and for my first mission I had to follow one the photographer of the paper. Lucky me! The weather was just perfect and Chris, the photographer, had many different jobs to do. Perfect day to drive around the Coast! We went to the funeral of a local rugby(…)

Prozac City

I was told Townsville would grow on me. It definitely didn’t. Five days was more than enough of the dirty, half-deserted town that felt like it would cloud you in a layer of deep depression if you lived there. The inner city was shrouded in a feeling of hopelessness. People walked around past bargain stores(…)

The last couple of days

The last couple of days at the Bully was actually pretty good. I went to do a couple of soft stories that were entertaining and showed what the Bulletin was all about. The first was the Bike Week opening where we stood around for an hour looking at some of the most powerful motorbikes in Australia. Steve,(…)

A little late with this…

I had a few issues about going down to the Gold Coast Bulletin for my second internship but my worries were put to rest on the second day. When I got to the Gold Coast on Sunday night, booked myself into the local motel and unpacked, i thought this might be a long week. My room (the size of a(…)

My delayed internship blog… due to no internet connection!!!

J-school blog for when I finally get internet connection Sunday 15/05/08 Freaking out about the internship and just finished packing before I leave for the Sunny Coast. Done some research on Maroochydore and have a few story ideas. Feeling a little intimidated about the whole news room thing, but it’ll be fun to be thrown(…)

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