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Living it large in small city blues

I was at the Ekka day races when I got the phone call. “Hi Luke, it’s Tony Edmunds from the Maitland Mercury, just returning your call.” “Hi Tony, I was just ringing to confirm my internship at the Maitland Mercury for next week.” A brief shuffling of papers ensued in the terrible silence, pregnant with(…)

End of Days

Well, it’s my final day here at the Queensland Times, working for the Advertiser and the QT. I’ve been trying to get on to the blog for 5 days now, and after persevering with the same password every day (which Rob told me-cheers Rob), it finally let me on!!! Everyone has been really fantastic here-there(…)


Wow, What a crushing victory for NSW in State of Origin last night!!! 18-10 no contest. I’ll be able to write an informed report on the game, thanks to recently reporting on private school boy’s rugby union matches. Better luck for your team next time James. Love, Luke

On Railway Employees

Rob and I wrote a recent article on staff shortages across the Brisbane interurban rail network. We learnt valuable lessons on obtaining information from interviewees and sources: 1. Call someone in charge first; and 2. Don’t bother talking with the rude bastards who work at rail stations It was fun though… Luke (first post)