Jschool 2012

I flood the Fraser

Wow. This time last year I was preparing my lunchbox and stationery for the first day of Jschool. A year later I’m packing my lunchbox and stationery for the first day at the Fraser Chronicle. To say it’s been an eventful week is an understatement. I arrived in Maryborough on the THursday before the floods,(…)

Getting with the Times

For the last month or so I’ve been interning one day a week at the Fairfax news website Brisbane Times. For the uninitiated although Brisbane only has one daily newspaper, since 2007 the Courier Mail has faced competition from the online only Fairfax website Brisbane Times. The website quickly grew an audience and became an integral part(…)

Back to Brisbane

It’s hard to believe it’s already December. Almost two months after graduating from Jschool I found myself walking into another newsroom. While I had hoped for a permanent position by now I still felt incredibly lucky to be in the Courier-Mail newsroom for the week. There was the usual mixture of fear and excitement, with(…)

A fork in the road

A year ago I “took the road less travelled by” and seek to know the difference. Will the fork in my road be a signpost? I’m appreciating the opportunity to write profiles for Brisbane News, source what’s on and write lifestyle pieces for The Courier-Mail. One of the joys of journalism is writing what one(…)

The news in print: An interview

The Rutland and Stamford Mercury, founded in 1695, claims to be Britain’s oldest newspaper. Founded in 1859, The Queensland Times (QT) in Ipswich is Queensland’s oldest surviving provincial newspaper. The distance between them is 23,222 km as the crow flies, or, 16 years – and a lot of history. Stuart Sherwin was fascinated by newspapers(…)

Communities need newspapers: An interview

The smell of printer’s ink no longer pervades Bowen Hills, but it remains the life-blood of dedicated journalists. Teela Jurgensen was recruited from News Ltd Townsville to work for Quest, with her first role as advertising features editor. When Teela was appointed Quest property editor, she was asked to oversee the rejuvenation of the property(…)

Points on Patti, an interview.

Patrice Alchin has a strong fondness for the theatre. Before working at 101fm it was her passion to work in production in Sydney, her place of birth. But Patrice, or Patti to her friends and coworkers, says that she’s just fine with the job she has as Producer at 101fm. “I didn’t make the decision(…)

Passing on the Baton

EDITOR: Morning and welcome aboard. Take a seat. INTERN: Hey, this is some office. EDITOR: Paid for with blood, sweat and tears this office. INTERN: Ya pay ya dues, ya get th’ views. EDITOR: Precisely. Well then…so you want to be a journalist. INTERN: You betcha. EDITOR: Marvellous. Look…the way I see it, my job(…)

Not Just A Newspaper Company

Not just a newspaper company is how Daily News Editor-in-Chief Ron Goodman describes the media organisation he runs from offices located in an industrial area in Tweed Heads South. “We will die if we just stick to that,” said Mr Goodman, whose responsibilities include the publication of two printed regional newspapers as well as the(…)

Keeping up with the Courier Mail

G’day to anyone who is really bored and decided they better read my blog. I’ve been quite slack this week in doing my blog entries, I guess I’m still in holiday mode before the return of Jschool. This week I’ve been placed at the Courier Mail for my second internship. I will be honest, I(…)

insert clever blog title here

So here we are. The Herald Sun. If I’m honest I was always a bit nervous about entering the huge building that is a Melbourne CBD landmark. But to my surprise the Herald Sun is as warm and welcoming as any newsroom I’ve been too so far. Editorial is smaller and more intimate than The(…)

Do the numbers stack up?

Where’s the dividing line between journalism, PR (for other companies), and advertising? Property. There are about five editorial pages in the Quest *property liftouts. I’ve been working on suburb profiles (census and RP data) including top, median and cheapest price houses/units; new listings (we include two in each edition). Quest’s property team has reduced, by(…)

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