G’day to anyone who is really bored and decided they better read my blog. I’ve been quite slack this week in doing my blog entries, I guess I’m still in holiday mode before the return of Jschool.

This week I’ve been placed at the Courier Mail for my second internship. I will be honest, I was coming into the internship with a lot of pressure as the last bloke who did an internship at the sports desk got front page, he was called Hayden and another Jschool kid called Steph who wasn’t even doing an internship at the Courier Mail got front page so anything less then that would be a fail haha.

My first day didn’t go to plan as I walked the wrong direction from the train station and didn’t realise for another 10 minutes, I blame Apple maps for this as Google would of made sure I was going the right way. I still managed to arrive before the 9.15am deadline, which is mainly because I thought it’d be a great idea to jog to office, leaving me to look like an idiot running in my business clothes.

I was fortunate not to be the only intern so training was awkward; however there are four other girls doing internships this week so thats pretty good considering there all pretty good looking, so I’ll keep you updated 😉

Anyway my first day was pretty boring to be honest, It was the quitest day in the office for a longtime at the sports desk they reckon. As the only sports events that are happening at the moment are the AFL and NRL grand final, so they have their teams on location across the week complying all the stories for the paper, leaving quite a small staff behind to do very little work. I attended the weekly confrence meet, which was interesting to see how the plan the paper.

The second day I had some work to do which was lovely, before I started for the day I went to the gentlemen’s room and came across Jules teaching the News Limited patrons how to write in shorthand which comes in handy. Anyway I got sent out on a job to cover a cricket presser happening at Queensland Cricket  regarding a new star signing for the Bulls. It was a pretty quite with only 9, 7, 10, fairfax and Chris and I from News in attendance. That afternoon I got working on a story from the confrence from the online section of the Courier Mail.

Wednesday was pretty interesting for me, It started with preparing some research for a interview with the Logan Thunder coach for the preview of the WNBL which was quite tough as even the WNBL website has virtually no information of the series on their site. That afternoon I headed out to Doomben for the races with veteran reporter Bart Sinclair who has been working at the Courier Mail for 43 years he tells me. I think he may of taken me under his wing as he seems to helping me and giving me advice, which is fantastic or his telling me I pretty bad. The races was pretty quite with only a few hundred but it was enjoyable for my first time at the races. The press room at Doomben is rather unusual as it contains a quite a lot of beer, which John would enjoy.

One of another things I enjoy at the Courier Mail is watching the SKY News operate  and watch how the live crosses go to air, which all rather interesting while I’m working away at the desk beside them.

Until we meet again,

Take care