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Back to Brisbane

It’s hard to believe it’s already December. Almost two months after graduating from Jschool I found myself walking into another newsroom. While I had hoped for a permanent position by now I still felt incredibly lucky to be in the Courier-Mail newsroom for the week. There was the usual mixture of fear and excitement, with(…)

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So here we are. The Herald Sun. If I’m honest I was always a bit nervous about entering the huge building that is a Melbourne CBD landmark. But to my surprise the Herald Sun is as warm and welcoming as any newsroom I’ve been too so far. Editorial is smaller and more intimate than The(…)

Interesting times at Fairfax

What an interesting time to be a journalist in a Fairfax newsroom! My week at The Age has been different to say the last and it couldn’t contrast more to the small country newsroom I was in during June. Day 1 began with a tour of the two floors of the seven floor building that(…)

Easter Holidays!

School holidays!! It’s been a few years since my last lot and I had forgotten how refreshing it is to have a couple of weeks of lazing about and sleeping in. They are nearly over and mine have been terrific.   My wonderful partner Leon had a 5-day break from working in the mines in(…)