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Points on Patti, an interview.

Patrice Alchin has a strong fondness for the theatre. Before working at 101fm it was her passion to work in production in Sydney, her place of birth. But Patrice, or Patti to her friends and coworkers, says that she’s just fine with the job she has as Producer at 101fm. “I didn’t make the decision(…)

Internship Day 1

Internship Day 1

It’s sad that I couldn’t think of a better title than this but hey, here we go. So the longest Celine Dion song I have ever heard played while I waited to be shown in to see Lea, the Manager. I swear it went for a full seven minutes. The place smelt like pine and(…)

A Reflection

There are some people who engage your intellect, and some who lower it. It’s a little hard to think of myself as anything but the latter. I’ve never been able to really decide what I wanted to do with myself which leads to a sort of distractedness and sloppiness in most things I do. Which(…)