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I flood the Fraser

Wow. This time last year I was preparing my lunchbox and stationery for the first day of Jschool. A year later I’m packing my lunchbox and stationery for the first day at the Fraser Chronicle. To say it’s been an eventful week is an understatement. I arrived in Maryborough on the THursday before the floods,(…)

The best internship……. in the worrrlldd- J Clarkson

You’re probably looking at my title and thinking I’m an idiot. But there’s good reason. I’m sitting on level 1 of the RACQ building in Fortitude Valley. Its a motoring/ anything magazine with an Australias Best Cars judge on hand so my top Gear reference’s are valid. I am about to finish my internship at(…)

Are you a Hybrid person? Or an Environmentalist?

So I jumped on the Toyota Prius website and the image of three people popped up with their long beards and greenpeace membership cards. Implying that the Toyota Prius range is 100% for people who like Koalas. Toyota say that because it has a 3.9l/100km fuel rating that it’s economical to drive. That 3.9 rating(…)

Australian? Or fake?

This is my first blog in the history of my life. I don’t see the point of people who spend their days sitting at the computer reading other people’s opinions to form their own. Then is started reading some of my colleague’s blogs and man, SOME of them make some good points. I found myself(…)