Jschool 2011

Thomas Jefferson Quote

Were it left to me to decide whether we should have a government without newspapers, or newspapers without a government, I should not hesitate a moment to prefer the latter.

— Thomas Jefferson


I started my first day with a sense of trepidation… Unlike my usual organised self, I hadn’t visited the newspaper’s office before my internship started. Luckily, a drawling American noticed my indecision when I got off the train (I was eeny-meeny-miny-moing whether to go right or left) and gave me directions. “You see that crane(…)

my vim & vigour

my vim & vigour

Of all the weeks in all the weeks of this year, why this week? Why was my vim & vigour so low? Beginning the week with a broken 4-hours of sleep didn’t help. I could have done a lot more if my vim & vigour was at even a reasonable level. A voice (a very(…)

The last huzzah!

Teachers, family, friends, esteemed guests and fellow journalists, This speech was possibly the hardest piece of writing I have had to do all year. After all, how could I do justice to the past year without making any style or grammar mistakes? And should I use the inverted pyramid style? Or go for a punchy(…)

Journalist profile

Journalist profile

In just three years as a journalist for the Brisbane Times, 22-  year-old Marissa Calligeros has already achieved so much  both on the job and in her personal life. Born and raised in Brisbane, Marissa has built up a big list of  achievements dating right back to her younger years in  primary school. Discovering her(…)

Interview Christina Ongley – Bundaberg News-Mail Editor

Few would argue that some in this world are destined to do a certain job, as if they were put on this earth for one specific purpose. For a select few that purpose is played out when winning a gold medal at the Olympic games in front of 80,000 cheering fans, an important moment no(…)

Interview with SA’s Sunday Mail Editor Megan Lloyd

As you walk into Megan Lloyd’s glass-walled office, you know you are in the presence of someone who has made it. A room with a view, one wall is covered with the front page of past Sunday Mails while every desk surface is hidden under three inches of paper. Megan Lloyd herself, the Sunday Mail(…)

Internship Editor Interview: The QT’s Stuart Sherwin

During my internship at Ipswich’s daily newspaper, the Queensland Times, the editor Stuart Sherwin wore his sunglasses in the office. Was this a rock star turned news hound? Or an alcoholic red-eyed hack? We entered his barely-used official office and with his glasses perched on his head, I learnt that he was just nursing a(…)

Chris Tinkler interview – Herald Sun Chief of Staff

Chris Tinkler, who is one of the Chief of Staffs at Australia’s biggest selling daily newspaper the Herald Sun made his splash into journalism back in his homeland of England while working post graduate as a researcher for a politics tutor. “We were working on a book about attitudes and activities in conservative party members(…)

Herald Sun chief of staff interview

From a young age Paul Nolan thrived in the newspaper world. Since the young age of 18, he began his journey to climb the ladder. Paul Nolan, 35, is one of three chief of staffs at the Herald Sun news department. His story is an inspiration for any journalist wanting to break in the industry.(…)

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