I started my first day with a sense of trepidation… Unlike my usual organised self, I hadn’t visited the newspaper’s office before my internship started.

Luckily, a drawling American noticed my indecision when I got off the train (I was eeny-meeny-miny-moing whether to go right or left) and gave me directions.

“You see that crane over there?” he asked.
(The one that looks about 500kms away?” I thought)
“Just head towards it.”


But luckily my sense of direction and distance is absolutely appalling. Therefore, the crane was much closer than I thought. Hoorah!

Heading into the fancy office, I confidently identified myself, was given a paper and waited.

And waited.

Lucky (are you sensing why I named this blog ‘lucky’??) I had a fellow JSchooler and two free papers to keep me company.

Perhaps it was my nerves but it really felt like a long time to wait. But, eventually, we were greeted and taken for a small tour.

First place to note? Ladies bathroom. Second? Kitchen. I’m glad these guys have got their priorities straight!

I was then introduced to the Business team and given a desk and log in.

However, I wasn’t there for long before I was swept up by an extroverted sub/journalist/workplace health and safety officer to have a tutorial with the two other interns.

We were taught how to use Cybernews and newstext – two very handy and common programs. I have come into contact with both before but it was definitely good to actually sit down and officially learn the ropes.

At around midday I was deposited back at my desk and given a couple of articles to write up. I felt confident but not up to my A-game. Not sure why, my interviewing skills just seemed to be lacking. I think in interviews it’s a bit of a tit-for-tat, if that makes sense.

My interviewee seemed a little confused and unsure – traits that made me feel like I didn’t know what I was doing either!! Nevertheless I got through two articles and have a third ready for tomorrow.

I am also joining another journo at the Commonwealth AGM. Oddly enough, I find business a very interesting sector. I know it sounds super dooper boring to some but somehow… I like it!

But bearing this in mind I should get some shut eye. I know I said it wasn’t boring but I still need to keep my wits about me.

Till next time…


Okay, so this is going to be a tough blog. How to sum up two weeks of fantastic interning??

Please excuse my lack of details but looking back, the two weeks were full to the brim of learning curves, writing deadlines and meeting new people. All of it has slightly blurred into one swell experience!

My first week flew by in business. As mentioned in my earlier blog, I attended the Commonwealth AGM (where I spoke with a number of shareholders), reported on the burgeoning popularity of an iPad app for a superannuation conference (where I got a lot of advice on how to boost my super) and wrote a number of articles for the paper’s sunshine section.

The ‘let the sun shine in’ section in the paper quickly became on of my favourites. It gave me the opportunity to speak with locals, find amazing stories and get a number of bylines!! I heard many inspirational and positive stories thanks to my involvement in this section. Most notably, I met a man whose Christmas bonus went towards paying for his wife’s C-section, a trampoline business experiencing a jump in sales (ahhh how I love puns!) and an amazingly motivated blind man taking part in a 500km relay.

I also got to stretch my stocks and shares wings as well and learnt a LOT from the business reporters about ASX200 and the such like. I can now boast — I (almost) understand the financial market now!

So, after busing my guts for a week and a steep learning curve, I felt pretty confident about reporting. And my luck continued through til Friday…

That morning I was approached by the managing editor of the paper and offered an interview for the elusive graduate program run by the Courier-Mail. I had applied for the graduate previously but had given up hope after seeing aspiring journalist after aspiring journalist walk into the interview room.

You can therefore understand my utter jubilation at being offered an interview!!!!

Now, as with all pressurised situations, I can’t remember exactly what I said. I do remember mentioning my Mao-inspired five-year plan and list of things to do before I hit 20 though… Hmmm…

But luckily that didn’t scare them off because I GOT IT! I got the cadetship!!! And asked back for another week’s placement in business.

Joy of all joys!!!!

Naturally, the second week of internship started on a high. Even more so because I went to my first police press conference and managed to get on page four with the drugs bust story. Fantastic.

The rest of my second week, I learnt so much (always ask name, age, suburb and occupation, always look for the interesting side of the story, keep an eye out for follow up stories and stay motivated, always asking for more work.)

I have to pay tribute to the journalists I worked with and the photographers. I don’t tend to name names in my blog but they were all amazingly helpful and gracious with their advice.

I think I can safely generalise when I say all journalists are curious and sociable. And this attitude really extends to the work environment.

Earning myself the nickname “the Britt-on-ator,” I had a tremendous week.

And even better, I’ll be back in a few short weeks!!