Is social media making journalism better or worse?

Yesterday I was listening to an interview with Johann Hari, a British-Swiss writer and journalist, whose latest book is called Stolen Focus: Why You Can’t Pay Attention and How to Think Deeply Again. In the interview, Hari talked about how our current way of life, where we constantly switch from device to device, is inherently bad for(…)

Reporting on a political rally

When I first started Jshool, I was taking a subject called Introduction to reporting & newswriting, where I was tasked with writing a hard news story. I considered a few different ideas when suddenly one topic became front and centre across Australian media: Brittany Higgins’ alleged rape in parliament house, which she spoke of in(…)

Day 5 at The Daily Telegraph

Day Five at The Daily Telegraph My final day started with another quirky story – Sydney’s at times confusing parking signs.  I was sent out to see if I could get 5 or 6 good examples of parking signs that can be confusing (due to damage or the fact there can be 5 or 6(…)

Day 2 at The Daily Telegraph

Day Two at The Daily Telegraph My second Day at the Telegraph started with an email from Rowan asking me to work on an interesting story – Australia’s first female Senior Rabbi. I was sent a media release detailing the event that was to take place and contact details for the communications person at the(…)

My first day (and first story) at The Daily Telegraph

Day One at The Daily Telegraph I started my internship at the Telegraph on a Monday at 2PM. I was originally supposed to work the 9-5 shift but seeing as how my Jschool colleague Robert Farnan’s internship was a success doing the afternoon/night shift it was decided I would do the same. The first two(…)

Terror on Bourke St, Melbourne

An energetic but solemn Friday in what was my final appearance at the Daily Telegraph offices and, due to the circumstances, I will be prosaic. The major story was at 420pm: the terror attack in Melbourne. Gathering up as much photo and video footage of the attack as possible was front and centre. I was(…)

Janet returns, 1st News Conference (Daily Tele)

Day three I attended my first news conference, run by deputy editor Anthony De Ceglie. I received a topic sheet and watched the COS’s and sub-editors report on what they were running for the day and future press. Janet returned from a trip to Gosford and so I was pushed to the outer circle of(…)

Melbourne Cup @ The Daily Telegraph

On my way to work Rowan emailed me some photos of a hapless rock-fisherman. Requesting I write the copy I got in contact with photographer Peter Lorimer who had now shot the man three times. Eddie Qi, our quirky angler proved difficult to track down as, Lorimer informed me, he had no phone. That said,(…)

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