An energetic but solemn Friday in what was my final appearance at the Daily Telegraph offices and, due to the circumstances, I will be prosaic.

The major story was at 420pm: the terror attack in Melbourne.

Gathering up as much photo and video footage of the attack as possible was front and centre. I was sitting with Sam again. Rowan and Jack Houghton were running point for both of us. Sam was also running point for me.

Social media, press conferences, witness quotes, footage etc. If you’ve thought of it, we were searching for it, recording it and writing copy to the footage and quotes.

This was a developing story that we knew was a terror attack but could not say until we got the green light from legal and confirmation from some journos sources.

Sam and I recorded and wrote copy on Premier Daniel Andrews and Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton’s press conference in preparation for whatever story we were told to write. Jack gave us a story each and then changed them halfway through as the direction the paper wanted to take changed.

I left at 1030pm. Sam was scheduled there to 1am, still filing copy.

A Sombre End, my thanks

I am very appreciative of my time at The Daily Telegraph. I learnt a lot from the great many people around me whose wealth of knowledge and experience I was eager to absorb.

I did not have time to properly thank the many, so here is the best I can offer in lieu:

To Rowan Hunnam, Ben McClellan, Karen Raghavan, Sam McBeath, Jack Houghton, Carleen Frost, Derek Krusche, Christopher Harris, Moz and Karen’s EA’s Tim and Jocelyn…

Thank you for the wealth of experience I have gained, the patience you offered me when my copy was sub-par, and for being so welcoming.

Of course, it would be remiss of me to not mention John Henningham who, along with Rowan Hunnam, organised this fast-paced, energetic opportunity which has steeled me for a career in journalism.

I am determined to get back there soon.