Council meetings as a source of news stories

Council meetings as a source of news stories

I am five months into my Jschool diploma and currently have six stories on Newsbytes. Out of the six, three stories have come from attending council meetings and listening to the submissions made by residents concerned about something that is happening in their suburb or the street they live in. Local council meetings have proven(…)

Podcasts and the Intellectual Dark Web

Podcasts and the Intellectual Dark Web

Many well-documented changes occurred in the media with the advent of the Internet, Google and Facebook. Something else that occurred was the invention of the podcast, a far-reaching format that allowed for many voices to be heard, but of great importance was a particular group of people outside the mainstream who gained traction. This loosely(…)

Journalism and Big Brother

Journalism and Big Brother

The importance of journalism was reinforced to me last week when I came across the headline: “Hands of my health records, in the name of privacy” (The Australian, July 18). The headline was catchy, I am concerned with privacy and I do enjoy author Janet Albrechtsen’s writing so I forged ahead. A new government initiative,(…)

Final Days at the Courier Mail

So we never did get back to do the streetscape. Wednesday was taken over by a murder in Kuraby. Madura was out covering it when I arrived at the office so I was on my own to do the Word on the Street and any other stories that came across the desk. It was a(…)

Day Two at the Courier Mail

Today started like Groundhog Day. If you saw my day one post I mentioned that Clare was stressed about the ‘Pride of Australia’ series the Courier Mail is running. Today I would be working another journalist, Madura McCormack, and she too was stressed about ‘Pride of Australia’. So once again it was straight into work(…)

Day One at the Courier Mail

It’s only my first day at the Courier Mail and I already feel I am acquainted with the pressures of journalism. I met Clare Armstrong, whom I would be working with, and she seemed a little flustered and stressed. The Courier Mail runs an annual ‘Pride of Australia’ series devoted to highlighting the exploits of(…)

Fake it til you make it?

Whilst writing my previous post about the changes in journalism, I began to think about another topic effecting the industry in a big way. Fake news! I read an article a few days ago about a big scandal surrounding CNN, with three of it’s journalists resigning after an article they published was forced to be(…)

“Why on earth would you choose journalism?”

Whilst completing my studies in journalism, I have become vastly more aware of the news and media in general. However, for a long time, I feel I have to be honest and admit I’ve been rather ignorant when it comes to the changes surrounding journalism as a whole. Recently, I had lunch with a friend.(…)

Fantastic Interview

Hils As I See It 8 August at 07:12 ·  Emma Alberici challenges Mathias Cormann over government’s ‘broken promises’ in plebiscite interview A “Con” after “Con” from the fiasco with the transfer of Refugees that has finally come to light due to a White House leak to this interview yesterday. To get rid of Lateline completely(…)

If You Are Reading This…Do It

I am now more than half way through my diploma of journalism with Jschool and can honestly say, with hand on heart, this has been the best and most rewarding course I have ever studied. I have a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and a Graduate Diploma of Education behind me, but never have(…)

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