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Terror on Bourke St, Melbourne

An energetic but solemn Friday in what was my final appearance at the Daily Telegraph offices and, due to the circumstances, I will be prosaic. The major story was at 420pm: the terror attack in Melbourne. Gathering up as much photo and video footage of the attack as possible was front and centre. I was(…)

Janet returns, 1st News Conference (Daily Tele)

Day three I attended my first news conference, run by deputy editor Anthony De Ceglie. I received a topic sheet and watched the COS’s and sub-editors report on what they were running for the day and future press. Janet returned from a trip to Gosford and so I was pushed to the outer circle of(…)

Melbourne Cup @ The Daily Telegraph

On my way to work Rowan emailed me some photos of a hapless rock-fisherman. Requesting I write the copy I got in contact with photographer Peter Lorimer who had now shot the man three times. Eddie Qi, our quirky angler proved difficult to track down as, Lorimer informed me, he had no phone. That said,(…)

Podcasts and the Intellectual Dark Web

Podcasts and the Intellectual Dark Web

Many well-documented changes occurred in the media with the advent of the Internet, Google and Facebook. Something else that occurred was the invention of the podcast, a far-reaching format that allowed for many voices to be heard, but of great importance was a particular group of people outside the mainstream who gained traction. This loosely(…)

Journalism and Big Brother

Journalism and Big Brother

The importance of journalism was reinforced to me last week when I came across the headline: “Hands of my health records, in the name of privacy” (The Australian, July 18). The headline was catchy, I am concerned with privacy and I do enjoy author Janet Albrechtsen’s writing so I forged ahead. A new government initiative,(…)