On my way to work Rowan emailed me some photos of a hapless rock-fisherman. Requesting I write the copy I got in contact with photographer Peter Lorimer who had now shot the man three times. Eddie Qi, our quirky angler proved difficult to track down as, Lorimer informed me, he had no phone. That said, the copy I wrote was fair and, with some editing, it made the next day’s paper as a little human-interest fluff piece.

The office paused for the Melbourne Cup, though I was told the celebration was not like the hedonistic old days, and then I was tasked with updating the story of John Macris’ murder.

A Greek newspaper released footage of Macris’ shooting. I found the original copy in Greek, translated it via some apps and got the gist of what they had written.

I also described the alleged murder in the video. I think this was better than the other stories published on it, as it was more detailed. I had to add the copy from previous stories written on this by Moz, Dunne and others to add background. It was a good experience on how to work in new information to an old story. Add pars they called it, a literal and obvious definition. I was learning parlance.

Then I scrawled for Nick Cummins aka the Honey Badger on social media but it was to no avail. He was apparently a little tipsy and may have been in an altercation at the Cup’s after party. He did, but I found nothing. Then I was out the door again, day two over as quick as it had started.