Of all the weeks in all the weeks of this year, why this week?
Why was my vim & vigour so low?
Beginning the week with a broken 4-hours of sleep didn’t help.
I could have done a lot more if my vim & vigour was at even a reasonable level.
A voice (a very small tired voice) inside my head kept saying: ‘go and ask some-one for some work’.
But I couldn’t seem to respond.
I wasn’t going to get a traineeship – that was clear. I’m too old. Even for a regional paper.
To be honest, I don’t really want a traineeship -though I would certainly have taken one if I’d been offered.
But maybe my lack of vim & vigour was a good thing, after all.
I had a good week doing things I enjoyed.
Writing. Reading books. Interviewing (an artist). Researching.
Books Editor Fran was happy with what I wrote for ‘Lorkie’.
It will run in the Courier-Mail Queensland LIFE supplement.
“Fantastic,” she said.
She gave me another book to read, write-up and send in.
“Fantastic” I thought.
The publicist is going to arrange an interview time with the author, for Tuesday
I hope my crappy mobile gets reception in Nebraska.