Three days ago I came to News Queensland.
It’s a wide and bustling but friendly land.
I will only have time to navigate part of this land.
But that’s okay. I’m staying in the Courier-Mail area.
Like going France for two weeks and never leaving Paris.
But who wants to see a whole country express anyway? Not me.
There is hardly a trip I have made during my time in Brisbane where I don’t start visualizing a beautiful enchanted castle encircled by a hundred years of thick and thorny bushes.
You know, the ones the Prince has to chop through to find Sleeping Beauty?
Oh, why are all these nightmare constructions going up around the city? So very, very ugly.
Fairytales …
Books Editor – Fran – gave me a book to review for the ‘For Kids’ section of Queensland Life – weekend Courier-Mail supplement.
It’s an enchanting book called A Song For Lorkie and I am having a long wait for the Allen & Unwin publicist to get back to me with contact details because the artist/illustrator needs to check with someone (his publicity person, I guess) if it’s ok to talk to me.
I even sent him a pm through his website …
I feel like really swearing here. But, what the hell … a few words … about a kids’ book?
I did a phone search on the internet to find the writer’s number and I came up with something … but no-one is answering …
Yesterday I researched for the online news site, for Madeline – the digital life editor.
‘Dog-friendly’ camp sites.
Couldn’t really find a campsite where the dogs were allowed to run ‘wild and free’… just some bush and beach areas.
But contacted and wrote up for six. That took me most of the day … I’m like the turtle who says “slow and steady wins the race”.
My first day, apart from some training with talkative and friendly Darryl which I have half-forgotten, I started writing up a story that I had wanted to expand …
After it was slashed at QT.
A sculpture story.
Slashed to … compliments to the mayor, to the council, to the funding bodies … you know how it goes …
Anyway … that kind of petered out because I’m thinking … what is the point of writing ANYTHING if it doesn’t get published?
And I was very tired … 4 hours sleep the night before …
Really not my best day to make the trip to Newsqueensland.
Haven’t seen Britt since Day 1 – she must be off having adventures.
In her bright and bubbly Britt way.
I’m taking it easy … enjoying my stay in Courier-Mail in the land of News Ltd.