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Internship Editor Interview: The QT’s Stuart Sherwin

During my internship at Ipswich’s daily newspaper, the Queensland Times, the editor Stuart Sherwin wore his sunglasses in the office. Was this a rock star turned news hound? Or an alcoholic red-eyed hack? We entered his barely-used official office and with his glasses perched on his head, I learnt that he was just nursing a(…)

Internship Day 9/10: The stories funnel…

So my last couple of days at the QT were nice and busy. Vox pops, story photo shots, some heavy rain and attending the local hospital. I was assigned a story at the local hospital about one of the food service workers receiving an award for excellence. Rachel Nolan, state MP for Ipswich was there.(…)

Internship Day 8: What’s a fact box?

After all the excitement of the Prof visiting yesterday, it was a routine day today. One photo shoot, vox popping  session and continuing work on stories at the desk. My photo shoot was for a little profile story on a local keen representative on the transport minister’s Public Transport Advisory Group. A quick dash to the arriving train(…)

Internship Day 7: The Prof drops in…

Internship Day 7: The Prof drops in…

NC was different today as the CoS and editor was away. The CoS had a day off as she had worked a weekend day and the editor was away at a meeting until lunch. So the NC was chaired by the senior reporter. It was a bit more a of relaxed, jokey feel. I pitched an idea gathered from a local resident and it(…)

Internship Day 6: The news on a little film

Back to the ‘Swich for my second week. Went to the NC and met the editor for the first time, he was away last week. He was running the NC now and I felt quite nervous about my ideas. I pitched both and the first one was welcomed, I am not sure how he felt(…)

Internship Day 5: First byline

I got my first byline today on page 2 with a front cover picture lead-in! It was interesting to see how the story was cut to size and the headers chosen. My story was a little picture story. One of my sources was very pleased with the result too. I have learnt this week that there are three types of(…)

Internship Day 4: Local story goes national

“News conference everyone,” Brigid said and we all scuttled into the front meeting room. There was new face today and she looked like an intern. Turns out she was, and from QUT. She didn’t have any story ideas. She did a week earlier in the year and comes in for a few days a week(…)

Internship Day 3: The PM comes to town

The day started with the 8.30am news conference. It certainly makes you get to the office on time! I put up an idea inspired from an ad about a new RSPCA facility, after going through the competition’s weekly (Quest’s Ipswich News) last night. I got a positive response and was asked to look into it.(…)

Internship Day 2: What’s a lead-in?

A lead-in is a two to three par on the front cover that leads the reader into the main story on a page in the paper. Something I learnt today during my second day at the QT. One of my story ideas got up in the morning NC which I was very happy about. About a local poetry competition getting a(…)

Internship Day 1: Welcome to the ‘Swich

Armed with my Google map print-out, I made my way to Ipswich…or ‘the swich’ as I learnt many of locals call it. Traffic was good and the brilliant Brisbane blue sky went completely foggy on the way. Thankfully the brilliance returned. So, I waited patiently outside the door for 8.30am and another staff member buzzed me(…)

Secret men’s business

Boys will understand, girls will be intrigued. I am talking about the urinal flush in the little boy’s room. That great wave of water into the the trough, the little stage, the stand-up-and-wee. Modern life has taken over the man’s action of flushing away the amber ale. Most public urinals now have a motion detector(…)

Cows with guns heard in West End

It was a quintessential Brisbane night…warm enough for short shelves, yet cool enough for jeans. Something I really appreciate after spending some ‘cold time’ during Melbourne’s summer recently. My friend, Ashley invited to a gig where she was displaying some of her art. It was at 10 Laura St, Highgate Hill in the basement of a house.(…)