After all the excitement of the Prof visiting yesterday, it was a routine day today. One photo shoot, vox popping  session and continuing work on stories at the desk.

My photo shoot was for a little profile story on a local keen representative on the transport minister’s Public Transport Advisory Group. A quick dash to the arriving train and we managed to get the shoot. The journo becomes the human flash stand for the snapper in these circumstances.

The great thing about working in a newspaper is that monitoring news is welcome! All day I keep an eye on the national (ABC News and state (Courier Mail and BT) and local stories (APN stable)  flowing in. It’s interesting to see how they develop such as the siege in Sydney and David Stuart’s magpie shooting story. The story of the lady jumping off the Story bridge in the morning peak hour was a big one today. The journos here update the QT website during the day, sending their brief stories to ‘centro’, the central subbing sweatshop in Maroochydore. It’s located in Newspaper Place up there.

When I first started, I checked for when the local council meetings would be. They are monthly here which seems unusual compared to the weekly BCC routine. No meetings scheduled for my time, so maybe Teresa will be able to check one out for the Jschool team!

A fact box is a little box of facts about the subject of the story. It sits within the body copy and has a two word title with two or three short facts. I spotted one in Oli’s piece in the Mercury on Wednesday. He’ll know what I am on about.