So my last couple of days at the QT were nice and busy. Vox pops, story photo shots, some heavy rain and attending the local hospital.

I was assigned a story at the local hospital about one of the food service workers receiving an award for excellence. Rachel Nolan, state MP for Ipswich was there. She was very nice and even asked some good questions of our subject! I met the PR girl for the hospital who was helpful. They produce 1500 meals a day there!

The QT used to be printed on-site but now with the advance in communication gets printed at Toowoomba. The printing building remains though and has become an unofficial pigeon coop. Bird poop is everywhere. One of the snappers has managed not to be pooped on yet, even though their cars park in it. I told her it was good luck. It would have been quite a thrill to write a story and know it was being printed out the back, in the day.

So here are some story stats from my time here. I pitched a couple of story ideas every day (20). Out of these, I followed up 13 ideas. Out of these I wrote 11 stories. I have had at least three printed with maybe more this week. It’s like a sales funnel, start with a big number of leads and whittle them down to published work. I am proud and happy with my work. I feel a little sad with a Monday off, who’d have thought!