Wow. This time last year I was preparing my lunchbox and stationery for the first day of Jschool. A year later I’m packing my lunchbox and stationery for the first day at the Fraser Chronicle. To say it’s been an eventful week is an understatement. I arrived in Maryborough on the THursday before the floods, unloaded my things and when beck to Brisbane for a few important last commitments (drinking). I planned to start on Monday but those news-consumers would know that Maryborough and Hervey Bay have had a few puddles in them. So my start was delayed until all the water fell out of Gympie and Federal and Tiaro and Tinana and Maryborough and Hervey Bay.

My first day was Thursday. I spent the day meeting the locals and taking some photos- pretty standard day. Yesterday I wrote some stories that appeared in today’s Chronicle. But wow wasn’t today a cracker! I travelled with photographer Alistair as we hit the sporting grounds around Hervey Bay. But first we attended a Police roadblock on around 50 Rebel bikies. At first as we walked between the revving Harleys and past the bearded men I was scared. Not sure why I was though. THere were around 30 cops there (actually would’ve been a great time to rob a bank or something *note). I met the VP of the club after and he was a nice bloke pissed off with the way they were treated. Two sides to every story I guess. After that we photographed the Cricket (Longer game than Fridays) Gymnastics (tempted to jump in the sponge pit of the tramp) Womens softball (mmmmmmmmmm) and Lawnbowls (…….). So there was something in each job.

Cracking job at the Chronicle! We’ve done brilliant flood coverage and faired much better than our close collegues in Bundy!