Jschool 2012

Almost speechless

Like, I’m almost speechless reflecting on what a great experience my internship turned out to be, really really positive, seeing as how I’d been kind of apprehensive about it, pretty concerned actually, because what had happened was, for some reason or other, who knows why, but over the years, yeah, I’d slipped into this uncool(…)

where to from here?

With my news internship with the ABC drawing to a close last Friday, I’ve had a few days to reflect on my experiences, and the year as a whole. Admittedly, at the end of last week, my head was starting to swim with doubts. Not because of the week I had with the ABC, it(…)

Five things I didn’t know

Before I started working at the Tweed Daily News I didn’t know there was a game called “banana toss” I learnt about this game while writing an article about the Tweed Valley Banana Festival. It’s fairly easy to play – it involves tossing bananas. Lionel Morgan was the first Aboriginal to play rugby league for(…)

Bundy Intern 5 – The Final Blog

Bundy Intern 5 – The Final Blog

Friday September 14 And so gentle readers our journey comes to an end When Frodo reached Mordor and finally got rid of that accursed ring he began that long journey home on a flying bird. (come to think of it why didn’t they just hop on one of those flying birds in the first place(…)

Bundy Intern 4 – This time it’s personal

Tuesday September 11 Today I was sent out to cover a new Barrel House opening at Bundaberg Distilling Co. That’s Bundy Rum to you alcoholics. This was my first interaction with the other media outlets in the area. Channel 7, WIN and the local radio station 4BU. We were subject to a safety talk before(…)

Bundy Intern 3 – Just another manic Monday

Monday September 10 Busy day today. I was given two stories and supplied one of my own ideas. My story idea was to write something regarding World Suicide Prevention Day. Obviously being a global event the key, as it is with every story, was to find the local angle. I spoke to a Bundaberg counsellor(…)

Bundy Intern 2 – #$%& just got real

My blogging has been lacking due to the internet at the motel I was staying at being off so I will post my blogs retrospectively. Saturday September 8 I know what you’re thinking. It’s Saturday. Have a lie in. You’ve earned it. I heard those negative voices. (Yes I hear voices. So what! I’m not(…)

And the week draws to a close

And the week draws to a close

Welcome to part two of my internship blog Wednesday was rather quite with nothing really happening so I was to get new Wet n Wild opening in blacktown interview sorted which I worked on today as well as finshing off  some other things for pre-records coming up in the week. I guess when you’re the host of the(…)


The last three days were the busiest days of my internship. Since I had started I had done only features stories and it wasn’t challenging enough, so I asked for some hard stories. Something which would seem easy for you guys may be stressful for a non-native speaker like me. Indeed, I had to call(…)


So as I write this, journos and photographers dine on pizza and beer behind me. The editor said he would buy pizza and booze for my going away, I thought he was joking. It isn’t all for me anyway haha, but it was still really nice. I’m sad to leave the Bully, I feel as(…)

Shouldn’t the sub write this blog post title?

I’m not really the type who enjoys writing about themselves. I’m not a teenage girl with a livejournal blog. I prefer to write about other people and the world around me, so I’ve been fairly lax on the blogging thing. At the start of last week I was sent to property at Quest. Despite not(…)

So…I have a confession to make…

I have a confession to make. Sometimes, when I’m in the car and the news bulletin is drawing to a close, I’ll pretend I’m the journalist reading it. I don’t just imagine I’m sitting in the studio, covering off the day’s major stories. I actually speak to an invisible audience and sign off. “Melissa Archer, ABC(…)

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