It’s hard to believe it’s already December. Almost two months after graduating from Jschool I found myself walking into another newsroom. While I had hoped for a permanent position by now I still felt incredibly lucky to be in the Courier-Mail newsroom for the week. There was the usual mixture of fear and excitement, with some extra nervousness and determination thrown in, since I was awaiting news on my application for a traineeship with News Queensland.

I started off positioned on the police log computer, which appeared as lines and lines of codes and place names. Kate McKenna, a recent participant in the trainee program, quickly got me up to speed and within an hour I was constantly on the phone to police media, writing briefs for online.

I met the great team of editors and by the end of the first day already had jobs lined up for the following day. With Brisbane expecting temps in the high 30’s, a team of reporters were sent to record temps and interview people at various locations. I was sent West, out to Ipswich, and amazingly didn’t get lost! I got a by line the next day which made me happy!

Wednesday was another full on day on the police desk, plus going out to do vox pops. I was also given a job for Thursday morning. My 6.30am start was surprising easy, so photographer Adam and I headed out to Annerley air base to interview an air force officer who was being awarded a bronze star. I was very happy the story was used the next day and even got a phone call from the Today show wanting to interview him!

Friday was sadly my last day and a frantic one at that! I was sent to do two sets of vox pops, plus find a family with a ten or eleven year old to interview, and find a family to road test Christmas crackers. At one stage photographer Annette and I were getting a bit worried we wouldn’t be able to find a family willing to take half an hour out of their day out, but just when we almost gave up she spotted the perfect family!

I also got the call Friday afternoon that I had been shortlisted for the traineeship with News Queensland, very happy!! It does mean another round trip to Brisbane, but I certainly don’t mind, especially if it works out.

Overall my week at the Courier-Mail was one of, if not the, best internship I have done. Everyone was very supportive and full of advice. They made me feel incredibly welcome, and most of all trusted me with stories and jobs that they felt I could do. If I get to spend more time there I will feel incredibly lucky.