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Passing on the Baton

EDITOR: Morning and welcome aboard. Take a seat. INTERN: Hey, this is some office. EDITOR: Paid for with blood, sweat and tears this office. INTERN: Ya pay ya dues, ya get th’ views. EDITOR: Precisely. Well then…so you want to be a journalist. INTERN: You betcha. EDITOR: Marvellous. Look…the way I see it, my job(…)

Not Just A Newspaper Company

Not just a newspaper company is how Daily News Editor-in-Chief Ron Goodman describes the media organisation he runs from offices located in an industrial area in Tweed Heads South. “We will die if we just stick to that,” said Mr Goodman, whose responsibilities include the publication of two printed regional newspapers as well as the(…)

Almost speechless

Like, I’m almost speechless reflecting on what a great experience my internship turned out to be, really really positive, seeing as how I’d been kind of apprehensive about it, pretty concerned actually, because what had happened was, for some reason or other, who knows why, but over the years, yeah, I’d slipped into this uncool(…)

Five things I didn’t know

Before I started working at the Tweed Daily News I didn’t know there was a game called “banana toss” I learnt about this game while writing an article about the Tweed Valley Banana Festival. It’s fairly easy to play – it involves tossing bananas. Lionel Morgan was the first Aboriginal to play rugby league for(…)

Ray Moynihan: Journalist Plus

Be sceptical and don’t take no for an answer are just two of a raft of useful tips from ex-ABC staffer Ray Moynihan on how to be a good journalist. Joining the ABC in 1986 Mr Moynihan worked with Radio National and Triple J, in addition to doing a five-year stint with Four Corners. Formerly(…)

Of Bylines

I could discourse for hours on the subject of bylines, but life is short so I’ll take just 90 seconds. One of my better articles wasn’t bylined. Why? Not enough space, so the least significant thing (from the sub-editor’s point of view) got deleted – namely, my name. I’ve included this article in my portfolio of published pieces(…)