Patrice Alchin has a strong fondness for the theatre. Before working at 101fm it was her passion to work in production in Sydney, her place of birth. But Patrice, or Patti to her friends and coworkers, says that she’s just fine with the job she has as Producer at 101fm.

“I didn’t make the decision to come into radio,” she said. After finishing a degree with the School of Audio Engineering and volunteering at 101fm as a presenter, she was asked to stay and help out. “I was always in the back areas doing all the music production.”

“They rang me and said; ‘can you help us because we’ve got nobody in production ad we don’t know what to do’. So I came and said I’ll help you, but I’m not staying,” she said before laughing. That was in 1995.

Even though she never intended to stay in radio, she has grown to love her job at 101fm as Producer. “We’ve had some pretty comical moments,” she said. “It’s just a pleasure working here at 101.”

As well as talking about how she loves her job, she’s also very passionate about how essential community radio is for society.

“It’s a voice for the community. Community radio can take on board a lot more bulk of any community organizations ranging from right across the board, from blood bank to animal welfare,” she said.

“We’re the voice; we carry the voice for these community organizations. We can’t raise money for these people, but we can certainly help them.”

In 1984, 101fm was the initiative of then Division 10 Councilor Tom O’Neil plus the Council P.R. Department, that as Logan had reached “City” status, it would be good for it to have its’ own radio station.

The purpose of creating Radio Logan Incorporated – 101 F.M. was to provide the Logan community with news, entertainment, music, current affairs and information on local events and issues affecting the lifestyle of the community it serves.

After two years and four test transmissions, Radio Logan Incorporated was granted its licence in Sept 1988 with the commencement of permanent transmission on 18th November 1988.

When asked if she had any tips for others wishing to work in radio, Patrice had this to say;

“Start out in community radio cause you learn a lot in community radio, it’s a good platform for learning. It’s all about learning, that’s where your stomping ground is. From community radio you can move on to commercial radio.”

“I’m staying, by the way,” she adds.