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I’ve noticed- possibly thanks to John- that I haven’t largely contributed to the jschool blog. This should not suggest that I dislike blogging. As a journalist I do believe it is essential to enjoy writing and therefore enjoy blogging and I do enjoy blogging indeed.  See. 

News Mail & Queensland Times.

I was unsure about taking on an extra internship at Bundaberg News Mail, but after my first day I was so happy that I did. I was worried that I wouldn’t have much to write about  in a rural area, but apparently I came at a good time – it was busy. The weekend before(…)

Day 3 at the Sunshine Coast Daily…

To begin; I’m staying at a cheap little YHA hostel in Maroochydore sharing a room with an interesting selection of ever-changing roomates including: a lovely German girl who offered me cookies and chocolates- [she unfortunately left about 10 minutes after my arrival, warning me about the “horrible 8 minute timer on the showers”] , a whiney American girl who(…)

morality slipping ?

I’ve recently noticed my instincts in everyday life have changed since starting jschool in Feb. Nothing drastic, just a few little changes to my reactions to certain things. such as whenever i go to a movie or gig i’m constantly thinking about whether or not it’s worth reviewing. Also the other week Delphine and i(…)