When I first read the Courier-Mail, I was a bit surprised by the low quality and the number of advertisements for a paper representing a city of two million people. It’s not that the paper’s bad, it just that it could be so much better and spare us from all the gossip that could be left to the local MX.

But I have to say that the Sunshine Coast Daily surprised me as well. However, my surprise was totally different.

Indeed, considering the number of people it represents and where it’s located, the paper is very good. The Sunshine Coast is the home of “only” 300,000 people but its paper has no reason to be jealous of the big city paper of Brisbane.

Local news obviously represents a big part of the paper but national and international news are as well represented as in the Courier-Mail.

And about the gossip, most of them are allotted to the additional magazines of the SCD.

And all this is done with all due modesty! Go SCD! Go!