I’ve noticed- possibly thanks to John- that I haven’t largely contributed to the jschool blog. This should not suggest that I dislike blogging. As a journalist I do believe it is essential to enjoy writing and therefore enjoy blogging and I do enjoy blogging indeed.  See. 

Intern Report

Intern Report The Herald Sun- the highest selling paper in Australia is located in a large skyscraper on the South Bank of Melbourne. I know because it loomed over me as I approached the huge rotating doors and wrapped my thick coat and scarf around me. As I sat in the large intimidating reception on(…)

News Mail & Queensland Times.

I was unsure about taking on an extra internship at Bundaberg News Mail, but after my first day I was so happy that I did. I was worried that I wouldn’t have much to write about  in a rural area, but apparently I came at a good time – it was busy. The weekend before(…)

Levi’s talk

Levi’s discussion with us about working in a military controlled dictatorship was intense and I have to ask myself would any of us be willing to ‘pay the ultimate sacrifice’ for our work, let alone withstand torture, public humiliation and other heinous spirit-breaking attempts. He spoke of these unaccountable governments gaining power via coup d’etat(…)