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A Friday night in Nebo!

If you enter the local watering hole on a Friday night, it brings a whole new experience to going out and getting drunk! The smell of diesel and dust fills the small over crowded pub as miners and cowboys come together to mingle at the local for what will be described the next day while(…)

Back to reality

    After two weeks away enjoying the lad back lifestyle of the north, it is back to reality but coming back to reality wasn’t a fun experience.     Here’s a tale of a male at 30,000 feet:   I experienced first hand and I now understand why people want to bring in “fat(…)

Wrap up of a week at the Cairns Post

It doesn’t matter how prepared you think you are for the newsroom, nothing can prepare you for the excitement you feel in the whirl wind of a newsroom.   The Cairns Post is centrally located in the heart of Cairns city in a big beautiful old white stone building just one street away from the(…)

It’s time I learnt another langue

Blog from Cairns:   Note: This blog was written day three in Cairns but I have had trouble logging in!      Trying to find a “good” tourist information shop has a whole new meaning. Rule number one when you are in Cairns and looking for a tourist information centre make sure the travel agent(…)

Lesson Learnt!

Standing at a Press Conference on the Speakers Green at Parliament waiting oh so patiently for the TV cameras to do another take on what seems like the twentieth time on a back bencher blowing into the latest and greatest breathalyser gadget, I wonder when the day will end.   All of a sudden there(…)

Cait’s first blog!

Here I am…. sitting here in our Jschool classroom trying to think of what I am going to write for the Jschool blog which John has just informed us the world will be able to read if they wish to. The sound of key boards tapping away interests me. I am really keen to read(…)