The last couple of days at the Bully was actually pretty good. I went to do a couple of soft stories that were entertaining and showed what the Bulletin was all about.

The first was the Bike Week opening where we stood around for an hour looking at some of the most powerful motorbikes in Australia. Steve, one of the journo’s i went with knew nothing about cars and bikes so he really didnt know what was going on when they got into detail about the bikes on show. I had a chinwag with the event organiser and some of the most stereotypical bikies around but got some good quotes just shooting the breeze.

The second story was the start of the construction for the Indy 300. We had to go to talk to Miss Indy and the event organiser. Since i was the newb i had to hold one of the camera flashes as they had a photo shoot with Ms Indy. Not exactly the worst job in the world.

The third job was basically a PR piece for a Belgian Chocolatier who had a chocolate making class at the Sheraton. Not only was this the best chocolate i’ve ever tasted, it was the most beautifully presented food ive ever seen.

Kate, the girl i went with said she didnt like chocolate so I took full advantage and tucked in to some truly amazing confectionary. While I was there I saw her using short-hand and my god was she fast. She said she could do 120 words a minute easily.

After that i finished off a couple of minor stories, thanked the editors and took off home.