I had a few issues about going down to the Gold Coast Bulletin for my second internship but my worries were put to rest on the second day.

When I got to the Gold Coast on Sunday night, booked myself into the local motel and unpacked, i thought this might be a long week.

My room (the size of a broom closet) had six people in it, while all the international students downstairs refused to turn the TV onto the olympics. Instead, we watched Project Runway and re-runs of the Simpsons. Instead of tearing all these philistines a new arsehole I made my way the pub next door and got slightly boozed next to a few scraggly looking ladies and gents. Not a great start.

The tough times continued on Monday when I was welcomed pretty coldly by the staff. I sat there for the first couple of hours trying to find any kind of story and succeeded when I found out that the tourism industry could be turning around after a few economic hiccups.

I chased that story for the rest of the day and went to the local Gold Coast City Council meeting which was hilarious.

The highlight of the meeting was when one of the councillors spoke for 10 minutes about how the word ‘councillor’ should always be capitalised like PM or MLA. He was quickly shut down by another councillor who was formally an english teacher. The issue went even further when the CEO of the GCCC asked for the issue to be made policy.

Needless to say, the media room was in tears…

Yesterday i went around with a fellow cadet, Adam, who has been at the Bulletin for 2 months doing stories for the Bulletin’s kids magazine ‘text 4u’. Thats where my stories will be coming from this week as I dont think the Bulletin’s editors have any interest in allowing intern’s stories to go in the paper.