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Prozac City

I was told Townsville would grow on me. It definitely didn’t. Five days was more than enough of the dirty, half-deserted town that felt like it would cloud you in a layer of deep depression if you lived there. The inner city was shrouded in a feeling of hopelessness. People walked around past bargain stores(…)

Allusive wine and Rodeos in Hervey Bay

Panic set in about three hours into my journey up the coast. Small town Australia scared me. Visions of snakes, spiders, cockroaches and all unpredictable slithery, crawling, flying things began to make me seriously consider the impulse to jump off the bus and get back to civilisation pronto.  But my fears proved unjustified.  Work at(…)

Reality Rot

It sounds like any one of the mind-rotting reality television shows that currently bombard our screens. It could be Big Brother, [insert country] Idol, or one of the shows that follow the tribulations of the obese while they fight cattily with one another and try to lose 500 kilos in three weeks. But it’s not.(…)

League and opera

Writing a report on the State of Origin proved an interesting challenge this week and made me realise I am definately not cut out for sports reporting – this became evident when I realised I didn’t even know what sport State of Origin was. My second question was who is playing? The disgusted answer I(…)

Beware the ides of March

Nine weeks into Jschool 08 and I’ve learnt a lot… To start with I can’t pronounce e/i  properly, hidge, wist ind, and six are words I should never say in the company of jschoolers, especially Luke Sarina Russo doesn’t take well to having her photo taken Australian federal parliament is hilarious…Minister for FINANCE! Never speak(…)