If you enter the local watering hole on a Friday night, it brings a whole new experience to going out and getting drunk!

The smell of diesel and dust fills the small over crowded pub as miners and cowboys come together to mingle at the local for what will be described the next day while they sit around the crib room or on their horses as, “hey mate that was a bloody good night, Damn it was good mate.”

“Live music” means some band has just dusted off their instruments and is trying to belt out a tune for a song I have never heard of and everyone is “full as a tick” or “full as a boot” and it’s not even eight o’clock yet!

You don’t have to worry about how you’re going to pull up the next day as there is no such things as hang overs in this town.

They are hard working country lads and tough miners and this one thing you will never hear them says, “I am never going to drink again,” but you will hear this, “Mate I out did ya last night, how many did ya get down?” and yep they are already thinking about what a night next Friday is going to be at the Nebo pub.

Talk about being caught in the middle, one side of me I have a guy who has the worst case of miners disease, telling me about how good he is, how much money he earns, how many houses he owns, how he likes to spend his days off on his jet ski which is toed by his supped up V8 4×4.

While my left ear is going to sleep by some cute little cowboy who thinks is going to make it big time telling me how he could stuck it to a good bull for more than eight seconds if they would only let him and his ideal date is wrapped up in a swag with his misses under the stars. Bartender quick I need another rum!

But if I use my charm right I don’t have to open my wallet and I still get to go home empty handed and free of a miner or cowboy, just the way I like it and I guess I can now join the group “I have partied in Nebo for a night” on facebook.

Welcome to a Friday night in Nebo!