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The last couple of days

The last couple of days at the Bully was actually pretty good. I went to do a couple of soft stories that were entertaining and showed what the Bulletin was all about. The first was the Bike Week opening where we stood around for an hour looking at some of the most powerful motorbikes in Australia. Steve,(…)

A little late with this…

I had a few issues about going down to the Gold Coast Bulletin for my second internship but my worries were put to rest on the second day. When I got to the Gold Coast on Sunday night, booked myself into the local motel and unpacked, i thought this might be a long week. My room (the size of a(…)

Day 3 – The Satellite

The past couple of days were not what I was expecting. I thought as the week progressed that everyone would be getting more stressed but obviously this news room isn’t like that at all. Unlike other internships, this week has been a perfect blend of work and chinwagging. Whenever I’ve been less than preoccupied, a(…)

D-Day – Sticksville 24/06/08

The ungodly hour of 6am approached. Surely no normal human being can operate at such a time… I managed to haul my body out of bed, grab a coffee and take off for what would be an hour drive to Acacia Ridge situated in the southern suburbs of Brisbane (or as many see it, toothless(…)


I never knew people could be so bloody irritating. Just trying to get someone to ring you back about a story (even if it’s in their best interest) is like pleading for a presidential pardon. I figure that in order to get people to get back to you or comment, you have to either kidnap their(…)

The colours of Benneton

Some interesting moments throughout the year 1. Our big night at the pub before trying to help Grace move house. Help never came for Grace. 2. Rob sticking his head into the lift door 3. Karaoke – never start with AC/DC 4. Sacra Bleu – yes, Delphine, people do say that in France 5. Cait being sick on monday –(…)