The past couple of days were not what I was expecting. I thought as the week progressed that everyone would be getting more stressed but obviously this news room isn’t like that at all.

Unlike other internships, this week has been a perfect blend of work and chinwagging. Whenever I’ve been less than preoccupied, a story has magically popped up and I’ve got in the car and gone off and done it.

The great thing about the Satellite is that they’re constantly throwing around ideas for stories and they don’t just cast you off to the side. If anything they were asking me what I thought or whether I wanted to go out and follow up on something – but without being really aggressive.

People like Griffith Thomas (the sports guy) is constantly talking with me about designing pages, new and upcoming sports players and my opinion on certain events. An internship is so much more enjoyable when people are willing to let you do some of the work.  

Today I did a story on a 21 year old woman from Papua New Guinea who qualified for the 50m freestyle. The interview went for about 10 minutes and it turned out to be a really interesting piece since she trained with Alice Mills and Jodie Henry(from the Australian swimming team).

By tommorow afternoon I should have four stories published for the paper next week, so these four days have been pretty productive. I also had my interview with Kelly Daniels, the Senior Editor, in the car on the way to a story which was spur of the moment. She had a full ticket today so I thought it would be the best chance to have 10 minutes to talk to her.

All in all, a good week.