Some interesting moments throughout the year

1. Our big night at the pub before trying to help Grace move house. Help never came for Grace.

2. Rob sticking his head into the lift door

3. Karaoke – never start with AC/DC

4. Sacra Bleu – yes, Delphine, people do say that in France

5. Cait being sick on monday – we know you bludged short hand, Cait. don’t lie.

6. Pork Bun! – never to be said in the foyer again.

7. Clair lying to Sarina Russo – “I don’t speak english”

More coming soon

Jschool has gotten off to a great start (I would never lie john). We’ve been through city hall, learned about local government and begun doing real stories for the Independent (real stories!). I still can’t figure out why people wouldn’t want to talk to us if it’s in their best interest. call me back you useless contractors!