League and opera

Writing a report on the State of Origin proved an interesting challenge this week and made me realise I am definately not cut out for sports reporting – this became evident when I realised I didn’t even know what sport State of Origin was. My second question was who is playing? The disgusted answer I(…)

Lesson Learnt!

Standing at a Press Conference on the Speakers Green at Parliament waiting oh so patiently for the TV cameras to do another take on what seems like the twentieth time on a back bencher blowing into the latest and greatest breathalyser gadget, I wonder when the day will end. ¬† All of a sudden there(…)


Hey wow theres my story in the paper! Oh look its got my name under the title and everything! Ah thats so exciting! Ooh that intro is a bit clunky but thats ok i’m still in the paper! Um not really sure what I meant by that but oh well. Oh crap I attributed that(…)


Wow, What a crushing victory for NSW in State of Origin last night!!! 18-10 no contest. I’ll be able to write an informed report on the game, thanks to recently reporting on private school boy’s rugby union matches. Better luck for your team next time James. Love, Luke


I never knew people could be so bloody irritating. Just trying to get someone to ring you back about a story (even if it’s in their¬†best interest) is like pleading for a presidential pardon. I figure that in order to get people to get back to you or comment, you have to either kidnap their(…)