I was told Townsville would grow on me.

It definitely didn’t. Five days was more than enough of the dirty, half-deserted town that felt like it would cloud you in a layer of deep depression if you lived there.

The inner city was shrouded in a feeling of hopelessness. People walked around past bargain stores and scores of empty shops and groups of drunk, abusive homeless people.

Even during the day I didn’t feel safe walking to and from work.

The work I was given mainly consisted of picture stories, briefs and press release re-writes. It was a good experience to see how completely differently APN and News operate.

The week went fast and I can’t complain but honestly I was so glad when Friday afternoon rolled around and I could walk out of there knowing I didn’t have to spend any more time in Townsville!

But it’s always worth seeing places and now I can say I have been, seen and will try my best never to return!