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A tragedy of political proportions at the Mourning Bully

It is so strange to be in a place where so many people know me. I’ve been in the Brissie burbs for a long time. I’m no longer a youngin in Rocky! I’m enjoying being home with my family, especially the cut lunches I get sent to work with everyday! And the sun streaming into(…)

Different Daddys = Different Babies

Before this week I didn’t realise how much style differs in newspapers. The Rockhampton Morning Bulletin (where I am), or as Dave Stuart likes to call it the Mourning Bully, is an APN paper and I have only ever grazed in the heavily fenced pastures of News Limited style. While the cattle town of Rocky(…)

Good luck with everything Julia, but I really need to talk to Tim about getting my roots re-done

Meeting the current Prime Minister was a buzz http://newsbytes.com.au/2010/08/no-dodgem-latham-as-gillard-moves-forward-into-sideshow/, not because she’s THE PM or famous, but more the process itself. I would trade any chance for a photo op with Julia Gillard to be poked and prodded in the notorious media scrums I read so much about. I’ve never been so grateful for my(…)


The World Press Freedom Day reminds me of the sad and ironic perceptions held by journalists of themselves in comparison to the general public’s perception of journalists. It is a day celebrated by journos, not our readers. People don’t praise us, don’t televise the event and tune in to watch the beautiful people in their(…)