A week later,

I got an email from the editor today, fowarding a great message from a wedding story I wrote, telling them how much they loved the article.
“You’re a star, Hannah” – grins all round.

I also, apparently, navigated a minefield with a sensitive story on nutrition (who knew, right). A business woman was rightly concerned about the way her business would be presented in the paper (I told her we had to get more viewpoints).

She obviously knew there were some sceptics out there (I firmly batted for that team, but we all gotta suspend our beliefs once in a while) and was concerned we were denouncing her business (we were not).

Well, the editor shot me another email to tell me the woman had rung and thanked me for the great article (apparently, business is booming). So both myself and the subject walked away feeling comfortable with the end result, despite my disbelief. I think it came out balanced enough.

The editor said that two positive feedback was rare. Cue smile and an exciting little jump in the hallway (my dog wasn’t terribly impressed, but atleast he jumped around with me).