Today I finished a two week internship with Sky News in Brisbane.

Laura Jayes, the Queensland bureau’s reporter, happily showed me the ropes.

With no camera or sound operator, no editor, and technical support available only in Sydney, Laura runs the show on her own. A one-woman band – but a role she performs well.

Unfortunately during my internship not a lot of major stories broke in the Sunshine State or in Brisbane City – so Sky News’ demand for Queensland content not strong and my first few days a little quiet. Not so for Laura though…with co-ordinating studio guests and preparing daily and live ‘ad-lib’ crosses for the news bulletin…keeping her busy.

To keep me on the ball Laura did send me to the Crime and Misconduct Commission to report on evidence supplied by Queensland Police Union President Ian Leavers. Felt like a fish out of water in the packed media room but quickly learnt to write down notes whenever I saw other professional journalists do so.

At the end of the first week I accompanied Laura onboard the HMAS Manoora to help her with a preview piece for the at-sea memorial service of AHS Centaur. I use the word ‘help’ loosely – my lack of filming skills cutting the head off an interviewee…forcing a re-shoot. Oops!

The second week involved script writing…which I enjoyed. I have to say the style is very different to newspaper. Short and sharp and to the point…ensuring all relevant details are included in the minute long package. Slowly and with Laura’s experienced eye looking on I managed to get the hang of it…I think!!!