” Hey lady, I can teach you to walk like a stripper!!” yelled a woman out of a bakkie window – she made my day 🙂 – think I should take her up on that one..
I was on my way to the bowls club which is about a km from the motel I am staying in – have discovered this place which has great value food and also vodafone connectivity, most nb.
The average age is a bit past mine and it has incredibly active bingo evenings, the lovely ladies from the hospital auxilliary sell raffle tickets and the gaming section is huge – resisted the temptation last night of taking a photo of this gorgeous, elderly lady who was perched on her walker, gnarled, arthritic hands expertly operating the machine and totally engrossed in her game.
Am really enjoying my time and it has been really challenging but in a good way – have only got wet once and a packet over my seat sorted that one (apart from getting my skirt stuck in my back wheel yesterday 🙂
Hannah, I know how you feel – I did this story on the dog baiting and then they wanted it bigger and I really made the proverbial “dog’s breakfast” of it – the editor was just magic; he sat with me and poor Desley would have despaired as I committed so many errors of simple things that she has taught us – he is a wonderful editor who has been here for just on 8 weeks and is hugely popular with the staff.
Not sure how many things I have done and to tell you the truth – just feel so ok about it all as I have been motoring away – there is quite a lot of friendly competition here amongst the journos.
Nice getting to know some of the advertorial staff too – they have a tough job – two more businesses closed today in this town who previously bought advertising space, even though the place is booming.
The cos is a lovely, elegant and calm young woman whom I decided was a smiling assassin but in the best possible sense regarding the axing of copy that does not make the grade – she is very poised and she and the ed appear to have a wonderful rapport.
Did you know that this place once had a “sundowner” law that was rigorously upheld? Think apartheid…
Actually went to this lovely old museum, full of the most amazing collections in a great old house and there is display on of renowned town pioneers – funny, none of them had any colour..
Was chuffed to find that an agricultural story that I had found is “off limits” and had a wonderful chat to this much travelled chap and will happily leave the story for the pros as it developes; a couple of things I have followed have generated stories for other journos but I do honestly wonder how many papers a region can sustain as it seems that everyone chases the same news – Dave, was really interested in your you tube and facebook leads 🙂
Aveliema, did you do the story on the teenage fashion??? I saw this one with lots of photos but no credits and hoped that it was yours….
Am doing this thing which will probably only be a couple of boxes but entails going through figures and a 213 pg scientific article – research article? yessssssssss
Anyhow, guess have not lost the waffle yet – must head off – it was a very early morning as the two co-workers next door to me had a massive fallout at 3am – thought of knocking on the walls which are paper thin but decided against it as they had already ruined their night of passion….aaaaaaah, for rooibos tea and honey 🙂