This dispatch comes from the #67 tram.

Yesterday saw a much busier DDS. I got to my desk at around 8:30am freshly dressed and smelling of aluminium-free tea tree deodorant. Before I even had a chance to sit down my supervisor gave me my first task. “David, would you be able to write an op-ed?” I didn’t realise the publication had such a column. But it does. So I pumped out a piece on travel and how it is being sidelined by gutless tourism. Whether it gets a run or not is another question. And whether I’ll know if it gets a run or not is yet another question.

With that job finished I moved onto my next task, and Avelima’s favourite activity: voxpops. With mini digital camera in hand, I headed over to Federation Square to ask the hard-hitting questions. “So, can you trust your friends?” “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?” “Has waxing gone too far?” etc etc.

I got over a week’s worth of voxpops done and had some great conversations with the punters. Two of them were actually journalism students. “I want your job,” one told me. Yeah, my “job.”

Back at the office sweating profusely under my jacket, I received my next task- weaving press releases into couple of stories. One was about a new iPhone app and the other about a competition where the winner gets their art on the cover of the phone directory. The potency of my aluminium-free substance was wearing thin as I looked up to see an empty office. It was time to go.

What will today bring?