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Rolling on floors, it’s a pastime

I appreciate that the blog says “Howdy, Hannah” everytime I log in. It’s a nice to be appreciated by the internet. So it’s one week later, and I’m no closer to employment. Bugger. All the stress and worrying I channelled into Jschool I’m now channelling into checking my emails. Furiously so. No luck, obviously, but(…)

NutritionGate (hello, journalism cliche)

A week later, I got an email from the editor today, fowarding a great message from a wedding story I wrote, telling them how much they loved the article. “You’re a star, Hannah” – grins all round. I also, apparently, navigated a minefield with a sensitive story on nutrition (who knew, right). A business woman(…)

Ms Kerr, eat your heart out

The Sunshine Coast Daily: My intention for this internship was to (hopefully) blow the socks off the editor. It’s difficult to gauge whether I’m even making an impression though, since I don’t know what they’re normal expectations of interns are. I’ve filed three features and one wedding story so far, and two of them have(…)

You had me at Portfolio.

Oh, why hello 700 word feature with several sources. About engagement rings? really? You seem to have my name on it. You’re getting published on wednesday? how exciting. You know where you would look really good? In my portfolio. Thanks for that. Doing me a giant favour. Sincerely, The Intern.

History in the making..

Day three and four… I have a confession to make. I spent an awful lot of time googling Julia Gillard and Labor today so my story writing may have suffered. Well, it did suffer, because for 99 per cent of today I really would have liked to crawl in a nice hole somewhere and fall(…)

Day two..

So this week my flu decided to come back in full force, and I spent most of the day coughing and spluttering at my desk in the corner. I can’t tell whether Julian, the editor is sorry for me or concerned for everybody else.. But, the newspaper stops for no one and my story writing(…)

Mountains and Molehills.

Day One: Dear Avelima Eliepa: You must have been a hell of an intern because expectations today were higher than I thought they’d be. Not write the front page kind of high, but much higher than these blogs and Desley’s advice had me believe For anyone unaware, Avelima graced Pine Rivers Press with her presence(…)

Hats. And more hats.

‘Hats a Sucess’ Queensland Art Gallery’s exclusive new exhibit is enjoying sucess after 9500 people walked through the doors in the opening four days. ‘Hats: An Anthology by Stephen Jones’ has opened to acclaim, showcasing more than 250 rare, expensive and ancient hats. The oldest in the collection is an Egyptian hat almost a thousand(…)