So this week my flu decided to come back in full force, and I spent most of the day coughing and spluttering at my desk in the corner. I can’t tell whether Julian, the editor is sorry for me or concerned for everybody else..

But, the newspaper stops for no one and my story writing continues. I get assigned another three stories today, so that seems about the average. One of them is a press release and the other two have to be built from scratch based on a sentence of information, so i guess their confindence in me must be okay. Or they’re just short on journalists.

I’m really enjoying this environment, and finding it alot less stressful than newsbytes. It’s still full on, but not as confronting, so i think Desley and John prepared us well for this.

I think I’ve been able to handle everything they’ve thrown at me so far, which seems to be about the same as they’d give to a newbie journalist (with far more training). No nervous breakdowns for me yet:)

I haven’t had to write a single property advert or do a vox pop (one of the other journalists did it.. no idea why??) and they seem to steer clear of writing re writes of minister statements. I’ve done event and schooling briefs but even that requires the kind of research I’d been putting into the stories. It’s a better experience overall than I was expecting. It’s a really great way to learn without pressure from nasty politicians hanging up on you.

Julian always has something to throw my way and regularly asks me if i have enough to do. It seems like they really make an effort to work with their interns and train them and it makes for a great atmosphere.

Both days that I’ve walked in and out, Julian and Nick (the editors) have made a point of saying hello/goodbye and thanking me for my help (even though I feel like it should be the other way).

It’s kind of funny now thinking about how nervous I was on Monday morning and how unnecessary it was! They couldn’t be nicer and more accomodating.

I’m going to post often because, I read and re read last years posts about the internships looking for hints on how not to destroy my chances at a career. So here’s hoping that someone from next year comes along and reads this and realises it isn’t doomsday already:D