Mountains and Molehills.

Day One: Dear Avelima Eliepa: You must have been a hell of an intern because expectations today were higher than I thought they’d be. Not write the front page kind of high, but much higher than these blogs and Desley’s advice had me believe For anyone unaware, Avelima graced Pine Rivers Press with her presence(…)

My first day at the RBH.

I spent last week as an intern at ABC’s Stateline. It was a fantastic experience. I worked with K McL on a story about high-voltage powerlines going through the property of some chilled-out owners in the Sunshine Coast Hinterlands. Anyway, this week I was going back to my roots. I was brought up in Redcliffe(…)

Internship – Day 1

Is it normal for there to be press releases on Mondays that aren’t helpful in any way? So yes, that’s been my main annoyance today. I’ve been trying to find something to write about all day but haven’t found anything of interest to this area yet. Actually, I just spoke to my friend Kyren at(…)