My time at the RBH continues.

I’ll start this rambling post by saying that I’ve really been enjoying reading other Jscholar’s entries. And I really enjoyed reading the Newsbytes story by a certain Mr Stilianos today. I last posted after my first enjoyable day at RBH. Tuesday morning I arrived after a quick pit stop at a chain coffee shop with(…)

Internship Day 3

Today at Quest flew past with lots to do and a whole new perspective on the office dynamics – the editor has a great rapport with his journos and they regard him with affection. Got four stories done and a funny vox pop with a photographer with a sense of humour and some press releases(…)

Internship – Day 3

I think I might have left the wrong impression with my last post, it seems to come across as if I’m bored – well I’m not. It’s actually been great and very productive so far. So far I’ve sifted through a few press releases to make proper stories out of (always requires effort) and make(…)