Internship: Final thoughts (and advice for the next mob)

I thought I’d share a couple of final thoughts about my experience, especially to help any 2011 Jscholars that are more sensible than me and actually checked the blog out before starting. I’m not sure how successful I was there. The editor was quite generous in his assessment, but we’ll have to wait to see(…)

A week at the Redcliffe and Bayside Herald

When I first walked through the door of the Redcliffe and Bayside Herald I was relieved that it did in fact look like a newspaper office. The previous week’s papers were piled up in every corner and story plans and ideas were scribbled over the white boards. It gave me a little tingle to be(…)


1) If the story is about someone annoyed about something they must stand, arms crossed, with shoulders offset at 30 degrees but still looking at the camera. 2) they must look “pissed off” 3) They must be in the close foreground with more people way back in the background. (10m should be enough) 4) Photo(…)

The Nun Hunt Part 2

First stop the church. It was was abandoned today but evidence of recent use was all around. We fanned out to find signs of the elusive source. Thorough heavy detective work we traced the numbers of the gang leaders. “The contacts for the church administrators are: Kerry McDonald Ph 0748448484, Paul McIntire 5577575757,” the sign(…)

The ellusive Nun

The Wynnum Herald buzzed with an air of urgency. “old” John, the salesman, was just about to doze in his chair, Pia, the graphic designer, wrestled to redeem frequent flyer’s reward points over the Internet and James, the ‘full time’ reporter squeezed a source about the importance of a weekend swing music festival. The editor(…)