Mon – Thurs Hana @ Ipswich News

YAAAYY!!! Dudes and chicks, Hanna Golingi will finally blog about her internship experiences so far at good old Ipswich News. I, unlike a certain Mr Gough, knew that we were supposed to be doing this regularly during our internship week, but unfortunately I have not been able to find my WordPress username and password til(…)

Internship: Days 1-4

OK dudes and chicks, here goes my first blog post on the internship. I was going to leave it until tomorrow and do a whole week wrap-up until I finally read John’s letter and realised it was supposed to be an on-going thing, oh well. My week has been pretty up and down, but at(…)

History in the making..

Day three and four… I have a confession to make. I spent an awful lot of time googling Julia Gillard and Labor today so my story writing may have suffered. Well, it did suffer, because for 99 per cent of today I really would have liked to crawl in a nice hole somewhere and fall(…)

Interning South of the Border

Well, despite dreading our required week long print internship, I have to say I have been thoroughly enjoying the experience. As many of you know, having worked in broadcast media previously, my preference for reporting has been directed towards television and/or radio however the traditional style of news reporting has opened my eyes up to(…)