I think I might have left the wrong impression with my last post, it seems to come across as if I’m bored – well I’m not. It’s actually been great and very productive so far.

So far I’ve sifted through a few press releases to make proper stories out of (always requires effort) and make them seem like they’re not just free PR.

Had a chat with Gavin, the Managing Editor as well, and he straight away told me that to get a journalism job I should “go bush”, which, if I’m being honest, is my worst nightmare, but I think I’m coming round to it. I have a fear of being left in the middle of nowhere.

Also today I’ve just been out for a Vox Pop, questioning shoppers at Aspley and Newmarket, “What do you think can be done to prevent animals being left (i.e. dumped) in shelters?” Of course, that wasn’t the actual question, just my way of putting it here.

Now, let’s see what else I can do ; )